Sooky has gone back to kennels

Just a few minutes ago, Rescue Lady came and took Sooky back to kennels. The poor dog is scared of everything and is aggressive as a result – she even tried to attack the horses when we went for a walk yesterday!

Not only is she discombobulated because of all the upheavals in her life, but she jumps 6-foot fences.  I can’t keep her here, because I have to keep her on the chain to keep her in. That’s not good for the dog.

Neither is going back to kennels, but I can’t help her.

I’m sorry that this has happened – I only had her for four days – but there’s not much else that can be done from my end.

Hope you find a new and loving family soon, Sooky, and that you can overcome your fears.

Lessons Learned:

  • Sometimes a foster carer is not the right one for the dog
  • Sometimes a foster carer just has to say to the rescue organisation “take the dog back”
  • Sometimes you can’t connect with a dog, no matter hard you try – and believe me, I tried.


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