Meet Sooky, the cattle/boxer

Sooky arrived today, only one day after Peaches went to her new home.

Sooky, not to be confused with Suki (who was my third foster dog), is another surrender. She is a cattle dog crossed with a boxer, and someone has completely removed her tail, probably to make her more like a boxer. The poor thing has absolutely nothing left to wag.

Sooky was rescued from the pound because Rescue Lady had a foster carer for her. Unfortunately the carer fell through at the last moment, and Rescue Lady asked me to take Sooky.

Hmm. I didn’t want another foster dog just now. I still have a puppy with a broken leg who needs a lot of attention, and an out-of-control cattle/collie mix who gets my girls into trouble.

Rescue Lady said I would only have Sooky for two weeks, while she makes alternative arrangements.

My task with Sooky is to feed her up (she’s skinny), and socialise her. She’s a funny looking thing, but quite cute in her own way.


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