Little Meg and the big bad scary dog

Photo by Jo LyonsMeg and I were sitting in the late winter sunshine this morning, enjoying each other’s company and vegging out together. She’s very restful when she leans on me and looks around.

She has good eyesight, and was watching my sister about 100 metres away, when suddenly I saw a blur of brown. Then two brown dogs, one bigger than Meg and one about the same size as Meg, came in the front gate.

Instantly, Meg was on her feet and barking ferociously. Her hackles went up, and the barks were interspersed with deep growls.

The intruder dogs stopped, looked at Meg, turned tail and fled.

Meg, with the broken leg, scared off two strange dogs with her noise! I had already started to get up off the ground in order to pick her up and get her out of harm’s way if necessary, but it wasn’t necessary. My brave little Meg! What a champion!

Meg stayed on the alert for several minutes, growling under her breath. She even growled at a blue heron that landed nearby.

After a while, though, she settled down again, but she made sure she was touching me.

Who was protecting whom? I have a feeling she was protecting, not only me, but the property as well.

What a wonderful way to start a day – sitting on the grass in the sunshine, watching the world go by, and playing and vegging with a broken-legged but big-hearted puppy.

I’m all relaxed now, and ready to start my day.

Thank you, Meg.

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