Weight training with a dog

Here’s an interesting workout and weight training exercise all in one.

Tug of war with a 27 kilo dog.

One of my currently three foster dogs is Ash. Ash is a beautiful-looking dog who is supposedly a cattle dog/rough collie mix. I think she also has shepherd in her, because her head is very shepherd-like.

Ash has issues. She jumps. She licks. She mouths. More about that in a later post.

But she’s still just a very large 12-month-old pup.

Ash is also very intelligent. Or at least, I think so. I’ve never had a dog who loved tugs-of-war like she does.

This morning, she snuffled around on the ground as I was cleaning up, then she found the rope toy and brought it over to me. Then she offered it to me. She wanted to play.

Obligingly, I took one end of the rope and started to pull.

Fifteen minutes later, we were both puffing and panting, but neither of us was willing to give in to the other. It was funny to stand there trying to get my breath back, watching Ash with the rope firmly clamped in her jaws and panting around it. I kept telling her to give up as I dragged her around, but she didn’t. I finally won when she tried to adjust her grip and I managed to whip the rope out of her mouth and throw it behind me.

She fetched the rope and wanted another tug! I didn’t give it to her – I was too winded.

We both got a workout this morning.

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