Seeing the world through a puppy’s eyes

Today was the first full day that Meg, the puppy with the broken leg, was at my home. Unfortunately for her, I had to go out. I gave her a chicken carcass to keep her occupied, and turned on a radio at low volume to give her some company, then left her in her crate in the garage.

Several hours later, I came home to hear her howling.

Oh dear.

I went into the garage and the howling stopped. Somebody’s here! Licks and kisses and tail wags galore.

I let her out of the crate and took her outside for a pit stop. It’s hard to stop her jumping to say hello, but I know I have to because the broken leg is one of her hind legs, and obviously the strain of standing on only two legs has to hurt.

I took her onto some grass, and sat down with her. She leaned into me as she gazed around. She was a bit spooked, because it was very windy. I think it was a bit scary also because she has been in a pound for a week, and hasn’t seen green grass or a horizon for a long time. She’s only a puppy, after all.

It was magic sitting on the ground with her as she saw the world. She sat with one paw on my thigh as she looked first at the grass, then at the fence, then whipped her head around to locate the source of a noise. She smelled the wind. Her ears were constantly flicking because of the sounds and also because the wind got into them. Occasionally she would acknowledge me, but she didn’t notice when I stopped petting her, because everything around her was far more interesting than I was.

I was amazed at how long she simply sat there, soaking it all in, before she decided she wanted to play with me. She climbed over my legs, sat on my other side, and promptly decided to eat some tall grass. Then she turned over and wanted to play fight me.

She was half lying on my legs when she suddenly looked up above my head and followed something with her head. I looked up too, and saw a black bird gliding past. Meg was entranced.

It was such a special time, seeing the world through the pup’s eyes. When was the last time you sat and watched the world around you with a youngster of any species?

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