Meet Meg, the pup with the broken leg

Photo by Jo LyonsI just took delivery of a charming little lady by the name of Meg. She is a 14-week-old cattle dog, and she is just gorgeous. When she and her sister arrived at the local pound, everyone thought the two of them would find homes very quickly.

The sister did. Meg didn’t.

Why didn’t Meg find a home? Because she has a broken femur (thighbone). Why does she have a broken femur? Because apparently the person who rescued her inadvertently dropped her from shoulder height. Okay, that can happen. What’s tragic is that no-one noticed anything amiss until she had been in the pound for a week and she suddenly stopped using the leg.

The call went out for a special foster carer. Because I have experience with nursing a dog with a smashed leg, I volunteered.

When her statutory holding period in the pound was over, an x-ray was taken of the leg. It is indeed broken, but it is a clean break, and already there are signs of calcification around the bone, which means that it has started to heal. The bone is not out of alignment, so the decision was made not to operate or bandage, but simply to keep the pup quiet for the next four weeks.

So little Meg may be the very first dog ever to stay inside with me. It’s too cold at the moment for her to stay in the garage at night (which is where she would normally sleep), so I am setting up an area in the house where she can be crated, able to see me, and warm at night. I’ve never had a dog inside before. All my dogs have been strictly outside dogs, so it’s going to be a new experience.

Welcome, little Meg! I hope we can help you heal cleanly over the next few weeks.

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