My seventh foster dog has found a home!

Peaches, a blue/black cattle dog, was surrendered to the local pound at the age of three years. I don’t know why she was surrendered – she’s a lovely dog and very well trained. In all the time I was fostering her, she always toileted in the same spot, and she never lifted her feet off the ground to jump on me.

She came to me on the 1st of July 2012, wary of people and bewildered after having been in the pound for a week or so. She was so bewildered that she barked and growled at people – purely a defence mechanism, I’m sure.

When the Rescue Lady brought her to me, she heaved a sigh of relief, because Peaches immediately took to me with no growling, barking or backing away.

Peaches was a solid dog, and didn’t lose any weight while she was with me. Well, maybe a little bit. She had stumpy little legs that seemed too short for her body, and she was a whirlwind of activity. Try to give her a cuddle, and she wove around you in circles, allowing you to stroke as she flashed past. Only in the last couple of weeks did I get proper cuddles where she sat still for chest and head rubs, and when this happened she grunted and panted with pleasure.

Yesterday, Peaches met someone who wanted a companion for his male cattle dog. They all got along well together, and Peaches went home with them.

I’m so pleased Peaches has found a home. I hope it works out, but if it doesn’t, I’ll take her back and we’ll try again to find her forever home.

Peaches was with me for 48 days, which is the second-longest time I’ve had to foster anyone. Peaches is also the only foster dog to date who managed to bite me. Admittedly it was mostly my fault. After a few days of being in the pen next to my dogs, and in separately with three of them, I thought it was time to try her with the whole gang. Unfortunately, everybody was really excited and loud and bouncy, and Peaches and Nova (one of mine) got into a fight directly in front of me, almost on my feet. Knowing full well that I was likely to get hurt, I reached down and pulled the dogs apart. Sure enough, I felt the teeth sink into my hand and thumb. They were Peaches’ teeth.

That was the last time I tried to put Peaches in with my dogs. I had just started to put her in the pen next to them again, preparatory to trying again to mix them, when she found a new home.

Hope it all works out for you, sweetie. It was quiet this morning before breakfast – you weren’t here to bark at the plovers!